Watch: Bernie Sanders Calls Out Republican Voter Suppressionists: "They're Political Cowards!"

in this video, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivers a passionate condemnation of the Republican Party and their relentless efforts to undermine our democracy and deny Americans the voice of political expression. Speaking at a rally of civil rights leaders, he eviscreated the right-wing’s attempts to suppress votes through “anti-fraud” legislation and the role that the dark money of the mega rich play in our politics.

Sanders isn’t afraid to state the hard facts either: “How can we go around to other countries around the world and talk to developing countries about the importance of democracy when we are losing elements of our own democracy?” he asks. “In my view we are seeing a multi-pronged attack on democracy in America.”

“Does it sound like democracy when one family puts more money into politics than both the Democratic and Republican parties combined? Does it sound like democracy when billionaires are literally buying candidates? It has been two years since Congress gutted the Voting Rights Act and it has unleashed a torrent of state legislation that is disenfranchising people all over the country.”

Bernie used the opportunity to announce two new bills to institute automatic voter registration and to make voting day on the weekend. Only 68% of Americans are registered to vote, a number that is far too low. Sanders is absolutely right, and we need progressives like him to guide us to redemption and restore the integrity of our democracy:

“Let me be very clear: anybody who is suppressing the vote, intentionally trying to keep people from voting…that person is a political coward.”

Watch it here:

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