Watch: In 1997, Bernie Sanders Warned Us About The Rich Buying Our Democracy

In this clip, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) proves just how dedicated he has to his message of political integrity and keeping elections fair and honest, by railing against dark money and the corporate purchasing of candidates- all the way back in 1997:

“We continue to see a national disgrace in terms of how the political parties and politicians raise money for their campaigns. Clearly, there is something wrong when corporate America and big-money interests are able to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to political parties, significant amounts of money to candidates, and the result, I think, is that you end up have a Congress that by and large ends up working for the wealthy and big money rather than for the needs of the middle class and working families.”

Sanders saw the writing on the wall twenty years ago, and tried to warn the American people. He was ignored, and the problem simply festered and grew until private financing gained the colossal power that it has today. He is still banging that same drum, except now, people are finally beginning to listen. Let us hope that it isn’t too little too late.

Watch it here:

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