Watch: Top Army General Drops Truth Bomb On Jeb Bush's Iraq Lies

In this clip, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Raymond Odierno resoundingly sets the record straight on Jeb Bush’s callous attempts to pin the American withdrawal from Iraq and the ensuing rise of ISIS/ISIL/Daesh on President Obama. At his official retirement ceremony, he states that “I remind everybody that us leaving at the end of 2011 was negotiated in 2008 by the Bush administration.”

He goes on to fully debunk the Republican attempts to pin the blame on the Obama administration: “That was always the plan, we had promised them that we would respect their sovereignty.” It just goes to show how far the execeptionalist delusion of the war-hawks has gone. The new Iraqi government, that we installed and treated as an equal nation-state, asked us to withdraw our forces from their country- as they had every right to do. While the Republican Congress seems to believe that the American military has a free pass to go wherever they wish and do whatever they wish, it is clear they have not the slightest clue or care for how international diplomacy or relations between nations actually works. As the Rachel Maddow Blog so concisely noted, “they [Republicans] seemed baffled by the idea of having to work and negotiate with other countries.”

Such a selfish and arrogant attitude is precisely how the George W. Bush administration managed to squander our international prestige and goodwill. It is absolutely not the way a superpower behaves. International relations is not a game.

Watch it here:

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