Shameful: FOX 'News' Caught Trashing Jimmy Carter After Cancer Revelation

Former president Jimmy Carter had to announce some tragic news a few days ago: the beloved peacemaker and renowned humanitarian has liver cancer. Social media exploded with sympathy and support- except on the conservative side. FOX hosts and famous conservative talking heads decided this was an appropriate time to begin hurling insults and making light of his life-threatening disease:


Needless to say, the liberal community was not pleased, and the backlash was swift and brutal. It is beyond comprehension how an outlet that even pretends to call itself “news” can endorse such offensive sentiments. While Jimmy Carter’s presidency is not remembered all that fondly, the amazing work he has done since then cannot be understated. The work he’s done has helped thousands of people across the world, and he deserves so much more than to be slandered by hateful pundits.


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