Watch Chris Wallace Rip Trump: Do We REALLY Want to Give Him the Nuclear Codes?

In this clip, FOX’s Chris Wallace takes an opportunity to send some shots at Republican front-runner Donald Trump, asserting that he’s just a fad and that at some point, America will realize that a Trump vote is a vote for giving him control of nuclear weapons- a prospect that terrifies even the members of FOX News Sunday.

Wallace remarks that “those deemed least qualified to be president are most qualified to do what voters want done today… which is send a message.” He then unloads on Trump, comparing him to notorious and unrepentant racist George Wallace, equates Trumpmania with the “primal scream” therapies of the 60s, and concludes that “he’s a one-trick pony. ‘I’m rich, everybody who disagrees with me is stupid, and all our problems are simple. Put me in power…Since we are at the end of this going to elect a president, people have to say, ‘Do we really want to give nuclear weapons to Donald Trump?’ at which point I think things change.”

While Wallace’s assessment isn’t far off, him and the rest of the FOX crew miss the key point: the voters ARE sending them a message, but the establishment isn’t hearing it. America is tired of the RNC and FOX News dominating conservative politics. The seeds of xenophobia and extremism that have been cultivated by FOX over the past eight years have sprouted, creating a monster stronger than either group could possibly imagine. FOX and the RNC can only look on helplessly as Trumpenstein drags their ideology and any chance at retaking the website through the mud.

Watch it here:


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