Watch: Bernie Sanders Scolds Corporate Media For Ignoring Real Issues

In this clip from a campaign stop in Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders chastises a reporter for attempting to provoke him into taking shots at Hillary Clinton and from distracting America from the real issues with trumped-up conflict and sensationalism:

“Corporate media talks about all kinds of issues, except the most important issues. Time after time, I’m being asked to criticize Hillary Clinton. That’s the sport that you guys like. The reason this campaign is doing well is because we’re talking about the issues that impact the American people. I’ve known Hillary Clinton for twenty-five years. I like her, I respect her. I disagree with her on a number of things. No great secret.”

True to his form, Bernie Sanders sticks to his guns and focuses on the issues that make up the heart and soul of his campaign, the convictions that draw millions of Americans to his side: “But the issue that I want to be talking about is the collapse of the American middle class! You guys gonna write about that?!” challenges Sanders to the media, to whoops and cheers from supporters. “The need to create millions of decent-paying jobs! The obscenity of the kind of level of income and wealth inequality that we have today! The reason our campaign is doing well is because people are responding to those issues! So, I am NOT going to get into the game of attacking Hillary Clinton.”

The video goes on to highlight some entertaining and very informative policy questions from reporters to Sanders. It’s a welcome relief to see someone like Bernie reject the infotainment conventions that have come to dominate corporate run, ratings-based media. In a political climate which is so dominated by the Trump circus to the point that Rand Paul felt the need to make utterly absurd “Dude, hold my beer while I put the tax code through a wood-chipper” video just to get a little attention, Sanders keeps us honest and reminds us what the issues at stake really are- the survival of the American middle class and the direction that we as a nation are going to take into an uncertain future.

Watch it here:


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