FOX News Viewers React To Jimmy Carter's Brain Cancer: You Deserve It

Former President Jimmy Carter, the world-famous humanitarian and peacemaker has been tragically afflicted with cancer, which he announced has unfortunately spread throughout his body. FOX News and their commentators made some disparaging tweets about Carter’s affliction, and their fans are responding with horrifying vitriol.

One Facebook commentator said “That’s Karma Jimmy, it will get you.You said Homosexuality was OK and you claim to be a Christian? And a Baptist preacher? And Now you have cancer? Karma Buddy.” Another said “Brain cancer explains some of his lib policies.” A third replied that “The worse [sic] president we ever had, oh wait Obama. How many died because of this man. Bye bye Jimmy.”

Many took issue with his moderate approach to religion: “He only has faith in the liberals and the money. He doesn’t care about The Lord he has proved that many times. He’s had the opportunity to make a stand and he didn’t. I don’t have nothing but pity for him. When he answers to God.”

Donald Trump’s crusade against political correctness, social decency, and basic politeness is clearly resonating with the zealots of FOX News. To treat the suffering of such a distinguished philanthropist, diplomat, and public servant with such naked hatred and crudeness clearly demonstrates that the true cancer lies within right-wing politics, and it is absolutely reprehensible.


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