Watch: Bill Maher Shuts Down A Republican Critic Of Obama's Iranian Peace Deal

In this clip from Realtime, Bill Maher and a guest slam the opposition to President Obama’s historic nuclear accord with the Islamic Republic of Iran, catching his critic in a bind and definitely concluding that there isn’t any actual argument against the deal.

Doug Heye, the former communication director for ousted majority leader Eric Cantor, attempts to defend the obstructionists in his party by claiming a “bipartisan” opposition but is unable to present any coherent reason not to. “[You’re] still not saying what the argument against this deal is!” demands the host.

“There isn’t one” admits Heye. “THERE ISN’T ONE! Exactly!” booms a triumphant Maher. He’s absolutely right. There is no reason not to pass this deal. Even if the Iranians break it, we still have the options that we had before- do nothing, bomb, or invade. The sanctions will be lifted by the rest of the international coalition that arranged the deal, leaving ours useless. There is no reason we shouldn’t give peace a chance.

Watch it here:

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