Watch: Trump Brags About His Plan To Insult The President Of China

Apparently showing respect for world leaders isn’t on Donald Trump’s agenda. In this clip from the O’Reilly Factor, Trump reveals how he would deal with the President of China- he would forsake the state dinner and “buy him a cheeseburger from McDonald’s”. Yes, you read that right. His idea of international diplomacy would be to deliver an egregious insult to the leader of one of our nation’s biggest rivals.

O’Reilly begins, as usual, by demonstrating his own colossal ignorance: “Two people coming to the United States of note in September, the Pope, okay, and the president of China is coming, a man named Xi Jinping. Do you know him? I have never heard who he is. But he is the president…”

The man masquerading as a journalist then asks the man masquerading as a presidential candidate how he would receive him: “He is coming over. He is getting a big dinner free at the White House and addressing the U.N. If you were president of would you be throwing him a dinner?”

Trump then drops a staggering statement: “I would not be throwing him a dinner, we’ve had this conversation. I would get him a McDonald’s hamburger and say ‘You will get down to work because you can’t continue to devalue.’ You know, we will give him a state dinner and what he has done is sucked all of our jobs and he has sucked the money right out of our country.”

Even O’Reilly is incredulous at this: “So, you would be confrontational with the Chinese? You are saying look,’I’m not giving you a dinner, here is a Big Mac’? Is that what you are going to do?”

Trump, doing what Trump does, doubles down: “I would give them probably a double sized Big Mac.”

The exchange is absolutely terrifying. From demonstrating a colossal ignorance on how global economics works to a callous disregard for general decency and politeness towards one of the world’s most powerful men, it is made painfully clear once again just how unprepared this man is to even make an attempt at governance.

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