Watch Bill Maher: Republican Anti-Abortion Extremists Are "Terrorist-y"

In this clip from last night’s Realtime, Bill Maher takes the Republican presidential candidates to task for their virulent anti-women rhetoric and radical anti-abortion stances.

“Well, lets go to what Hillary Clinton said” begins Maher, referencing her recent quote in which she compared the Republican candidates’ abortion stances to those of religious extremist groups.

“Now obviously this upset a lot of people because she was comparing Republicans to terrorists, not really..Considering there are now three- by the way, the Republicans are threatening  to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood…there are three Republicans now who have taken the abortion debate from a place of extremism to absolutism, where even in the case of the life of the mother, we do not perform an abortion. That is a little, I’m sorry, but “terroristy”.

He is absolutely right. There is no excuse for such primitive extremism in modern American politics.

Watch it here:

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