Watch: Colbert Calls Out 'Shameless' Jeb Bush For Fundraising Off His Show

When Stephen Colbert invited Jeb Bush to be one a guest on the premiere episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he should have known that Bush would use the opportunity for some underhanded fundraising attempt- his campaign is reportedly without money until those sweet Super PAC dollars start flowing. Jeb Bush set up a raffle asking for ($3?!) donations in exchange for a chance to win two tickets to the show, among other unexciting prizes- without asking permission from Colbert.

Colbert was not pleased, and released this video to express his irritation and to announce he is creating his own raffle, “Jeb Bush on the Stephen Colbert Late Show Raffle,” the proceeds of which will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, a veterans organization. “No one from Jeb’s campaign asked me if this was OK with me to raise money off my first show. Where’s my cut of that sweet three bucks, Governor?” demands Colbert. The raffle’s winner also gets to ask a “non-obscene” question that Colbert will pose to Bush on the show. Colbert had this suggestion: “Don’t you wish you’d consulted Stephen before launching your contest?”

Watch it here:



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