Ted Cruz: We Shouldn't Take In Political Refugees Even Though My Dad Was Once One

Ted Cruz is all about America. He’s a favorite of the so-called “patriots” in the Tea Party, and he is doing all he can to gain support among the most conservative, extreme wing of the GOP so that he will become president ensure a steady flow of speaking jobs once the primary season is over. He is, naturally, also a complete and utter hypocrite.

Ted Cruz is the son of a refugee, Rafael Cruz, who fled Cuba after being tortured by the security forces of the oppressive dictator Fulgencio Batista, whose regime was propped up by the U.S. government. Cruz has peddled this story to tout the importance of the American dream as he tries to gain votes in his floundering presidential campaign. He even wrote about it in his memoir, saying:

“America, quite simply, saved my father. America gave him a chance… The freedom of America was the dream that allowed him to endure the brutality of Cuba. It was and is a beacon of hope for all those who, like him, have endured oppression.”

Well, Ted Cruz is conveniently forgetting all of that in the wake of the European migrant crisis.The United Nations believes that there could be more than 4 million desperate people fleeing the increasingly war-torn region around Syria as the nation descends into anarchy, a bloody battlefield where at least five major factions are all vying for power. As America reluctantly prepares to do its part to help the displaced refugees, Ted Cruz has vocally condemned the hosting of “large numbers” of people looking to escape the violence. Catherine Frazier, speaking from the Cruz campaign, said of  her boss’s position:

“Sen. Cruz is advocating for humanitarian assistance to the refugees from both Syria and Iraq and North Africa. However, given the logistical challenges and the security risk posed by resettling large numbers of them far afield in the U.S., he is not in favor of this plan if the ultimate intent is to return them to their homes. As I’m sure you are aware, Cuba is 90 miles from the United States, so this was not the case with the senator’s father.”

What an absolute hypocrite. It should not matter where these people are coming from, or whether it is 90 miles away or 9 million miles away. Our nation, built by immigrants, has a moral obligation to those in need, to welcome them, to help them rebuild their lives. It’s hard enough to flee the only homes they’ve ever known, to go to what is supposedly the one country that welcomes everyone, only to have high-ranking government officials to tell them to go home.

One has to wonder where Ted Cruz would be, if he would even exist, if America had responded to his father the way he is responding to these Syrian refugees. One has to wonder whether Cruz’s father would ever have been a refugee if the United States hadn’t been propping up the regime of a brutal dictator. One has to wonder how many more refugees will be made if Cruz and the rest of the Tea Party war-hawks in Congress succeed in deploying American soldiers back to the Middle East, and how many more will be turned away by jingoist cavaliers who are perfectly happy to start wars and refuse to deal with the consequences.

H/T: The Daily Beast