Non-Scientist Climate Denier Jeb Bush Complains Pope, A Chemist, Is Not A Scientist

Jeb Bush is, like the rest of the GOP 2016 clown car, a climate science denier. He does not believe that humans are destroying the environment, no matter what those pesky scientists believe. To that end, it was only natural that Bush would have a negative opinion regarding Pope Francis’s remarks and position on climate change. According to Think Progress, Bush says, regarding climate change and President Obama’s efforts to be pro active about the problem:

“I oppose the president’s policy as it relates to climate change because it will destroy the ability to re-industrialize the country, to allow for people to get higher wage jobs, for people to rise up.”

Pope Francis addressed a joint session of Congress, and urged the line of thought that climate change is about social justice, and that it is the responsibility of world leaders to do something about it. Jeb Bush, who is a devout Catholic, says of the Pope’s position:

“He’s not a scientist, he’s a religious leader.”

Well, actually, Gov. Bush, Pope Francis is a scientist. He’s a chemist. Further, actual scientists also agree that man-made climate change is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Bush, though, like most Republicans, is thinking about money. Well, he’s wrong there, as 94 percent of economists believe that if climate change is not taken care of, the effects on the world economy would be catastrophic. So, the logical conclusion is that America should join forces with other nations in efforts to slow the effects of this phenomenon. In fact, it is estimated that climate change will hit the world economy with a $44 trillion bill by the year 2040. In other words, Jeb Bush is just wrong on all accounts when it comes to the issue of climate change, what should be done about it, and its effects on every aspect of human life, including the economic situation. So, Jeb, why don’t you leave this one to the scientists (including Pope Francis).

Watch a video of Jeb Bush’s ignorance below:

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