BUSTED: Trey Gowdy Caught Being Bankrolled By Anti-Hillary PAC

The Benghazi Select Committee, headed up by GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, has been shown repeatedly to be nothing more than an effort to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the next President of the United States. In fact, the reason Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Utah) is no longer running to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House is because he admitted as much on national television. That’s just the beginning of this obvious conspiracy to ruin Clinton’s chances at the White House, though.

On Monday morning, it was revealed that Republicans, many of them members of the Benghazi Select Committee, actually changed the content of some of  Hillary Clinton’s emails in an effort to further use that particular non-scandal to harm the public’s trust in her. Now, Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Democrat who is a Ranking Member of the Benghazi Select Committee, has released proof that committee chairman Trey Gowdy has some very interesting ties to a super PAC whose sole purpose is to stop Hillary Clinton from taking the White House– the aptly named Stop Hillary PAC. The PAC says that its organization was “created for one reason only—to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States.”

Among the information revealed on the page are some facts regarding Gowdy’s association with the group, first appearing in The Washington Post. Here are a few of those facts, from Rep. Cummings’ page:

  • Gowdy’s leadership PAC, Themis, shared the same treasurer as Stop Hillary PAC since 2013, an outspoken political operative and Clinton opponent named Dan Backer.
  • Backer also served as treasurer on three other PACs that each donated $2,000 to Gowdy for Congress in April.  Only after being confronted with these facts by the Washington Post did Gowdy return these donations on Friday.
  • Just last month, STOP Hillary PAC spent $10,000 on robocalls and other efforts in support of Gowdy.

Source: Rep. Elijah Cummings Benghazi Select Committee page

That’s not all, either. Dan Backer has handled quite a bit of money donated to Gowdy through organizations that support him. On April 2017, 2015 alone, three different pro- Gowdy organizations are on record receiving donations from Dan Backer. The Tea Party Leadership Fund, Special Operations Speaks PAC, and Conservative Action Fund PAC all received donations to Growdy on that day, and Dan Backer is treasurer for all of them.

As if that isn’t enough, Dan Backer reported $10,000 worth of spending by Stop Hillary PAC on September 2, 2015. On that required and publicly viewable Federal Elections Commission report, the reason for the money being spent is listed as “digital messaging delivery and robocalls.” Of course, the lawmaker these messages and calls were on behalf of is none other than Trey Gowdy.

The discovery of this information on Rep. Gowdy really should disqualify him from heading up any sort of committee, board, organization, or anything else that has anything to do with investigating or questioning Hillary Clinton. He clearly is on a mission to destroy her chances at the presidency, and will stop at nothing to do it.

Rep. Elijah Cummings said the following with regards to this shameful and obvious witch hunt:

“These are shocking new revelations that directly contradict the promise we made to the families of the four brave Americans.”

That analysis is spot on. Trey Gowdy has no interest in the truth. He is only interested in one thing: Destroying Hillary Clinton. To use the tragic deaths of four Americans in a terrorist attack on foreign soil to accomplish that is nothing short of disgraceful.

It is time to remove Trey Gowdy as Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, and disband the committee itself. In fact, if anyone should be investigated here, it’s Trey Gowdy, not Hillary Clinton.