7-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead At Soccer Practice By Mentally Ill Man With Legal Gun

Less than two days after fourteen Americans were ruthlessly gunned down, a mentally disturbed man with a gun has struck again. Paranoiac Timothy Nelson Obeshaw, who was allowed to legally purchase a weapon and given a concealed carry license, had reportedly “taken” to young Emma Nowling and was a friend of her mother, Sharon Watson.

He attended the child’s soccer practice at 6:30 pm, and for an unknown reason, began firing into their vehicle as they were leaving practice at 8pm. He killed the child with a bullet to the head while putting the mother in a serious but stable condition before turning the gun on himself.

The police chief of Taylor, Michigan, told reporters that “He thought someone was out to get him. Unfortunately, it appears as a result of his (instability) we now have a little girl who simply just wanted to go yesterday to play soccer, and never went home. Obviously if the persons close to this individual (Obeshaw) had perhaps taken the steps to make sure that he got the help he needed, he may not have been in the position to obtain the firearms that he had yesterday.”

A day does not pass in the United States without us being forced to face the bloody toll of our nation’s obsession with firearms. It’s obvious that whatever preventative measures were in place to keep dangerously unstable folks from purchasing firearms or receiving concealed carry licenses utterly failed.

The Republican Party’s obstinate refusal to pass any kind of gun reform laws that would even mildly inconvenience gun owners has triggered an epidemic of gun violence in our nation, and the lives of our children are the price we must pay for their devotion to the “freedom” of white males to play with deadly weapons.


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