Nevada Republican Sends Christmas Card With Fully Armed Family, Even 5-Year-Old

As if the right-wing obsession with firearms wasn’t weird enough already, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) of the 4th District has the Christmas card to show just how far off the deep end our elected officials will go to earn those sweet National Rifle Association dollars – by sending out a Christmas card with her whole family brandishing weapons:


If it wasn’t clear enough already, Fiore is a staunch Second Amendment defender who sided with Cliven Bundy in his misguided standoff against the federal government, telling MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to not “come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back.”. Fiore lost her position as majority leader when she was accused of embezzling up to a million dollars from two businesses she owns.

It is astonishing that a mother would allow her five-year-old to pose with a handgun in such a casual setting; even more so that an elected official would think this was an appropriate Christmas card to send out in the wake of all the mass shooting incidents that occur in our country on a daily basis. It truly demonstrates just how deeply Republican fetishize their weapons – the names and calibers of the guns are in the corner, and the presence of potential murder weapons in a card that is supposed to convey familial love sends a mixed message that illustrates just what is wrong with gun culture in this country.

h/t to TalkingPointsMemo

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