Watch: Samantha Bee’s Epic Takedown Of Pathetic Jeb Bush

During the opening episode of former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee’s new show, Full Frontal, she debuted a mini-documentary that absolutely eviscerates the floundering campaign of former presumptive front-runner and the now depressing sideshow of Jeb! Bush. Shot in the style of an artistic short film, “Jeb?: Ein Film Fur Full Frontal,” is narrated by a Werner Herzog-esque somber and sophisticated German accent, complete with flowery illustrative descriptions and a biting snark.

The film jumps around to interviews with purported Jeb Bush sympathizers, who have a hard time mustering enthusiasm for their candidate. When asked what kind of drink Jeb! would be, one young man replied “Milk. It’s just a normal thing that wouldn’t be fantastic if you could choose any drink, but it’s a solid drink to have.” Hardly a ringing endorsement.

Ultimately, the film ponders the existential question that has dogged pundits for months: how is it that”this candidate who should be winning, but is instead totally getting his ass handed to him by an oddly-tinted compilation of psychiatric symptoms [Donald Trump] and by a man who seemed like he would lecture a starving kitten on personal responsibility, and then deport that kitten and his family [Ted Cruz]?”

Watch it here:



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