Watch: Bill Maher Gives Republicans His Heartfelt Advice About The 2016 Race

In this clip, Bill Maher absolutely destroys the Republican Party and calls them out for the sham of an election that they’ve been running. He hilariously eviscerates them for the chaos they incite and counters with some key recommendations for them if they want to survive.

“Punt! Punt! Give the ball to your defense. You’ve got a great defense, and by that I mean you’re great at being obstructionist assh*les. Our current teabagger Congress proves that you can’t govern anymore, you don’t even want to! Governing means doing things. In government. Which you hate. I know you say you want your country back, but, really?

Do you want to spend the next four years defending everything President Trump tweets in the middle of the night? Do you really want to defend him when he invades Poland? Or puts Hulk Hogan on the nickel? Or retweets our nuclear codes? It’s gonna be YOU explaining it to Wolf Blitzer!”

It’s a riotously funny takedown of the utter debacle that is the 2016 Republican presidential race that lampoons their most ridiculous paranoias and the ineffectiveness of their tenure.

Watch it here:

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