But i wish to end by concentrating on team of people that frequently don’t get the credit they deserve.

But i wish to end by concentrating on team of people that frequently don’t get the credit they deserve.

Graham Pearson and Mary R. Reid received the 2019 Norman L. Bowen Award at AGU’s Fall Meeting 2019, held 9 13 December in bay area, Calif. The prize acknowledges contributions that are“outstanding the industries of volcanology, geochemistry, and petrology.”

Citation for Graham Pearson

Graham Pearson merits the 2019 Norman L. Bowen Award for increasing our fundamental comprehension of igneous procedures into the top mantle through studies of volcanic rocks, exhumed mantle sections, subcontinental mantle examples, and diamonds and their inclusions. Pearson has tackled the main subjects in mantle geochemical evolution with a research device kit that ranges from petrography, mineralogy, and petrology through stable isotopes, radiogenic isotopes, siderophile elements, and spectroscopy. In making use of these methods, Pearson has tried brand brand new analytical technique developments that push the frontiers of analytical sensitiveness and accuracy.

Colleagues will keep in mind more information on discoveries: big items of Earth’s mantle emplaced through the diamond security industry; eclogite xenoliths in kimberlite as Archean subducted oceanic crust; continental mantle keel age match with overlying crust; Re Os sulfide age dating of solitary sulfide inclusions in diamond; kimberlite derivation from unique mantle sources; the Os isotopic imprint within the oceanic mantle of continental crust removal; trace element abundances in treasure diamonds and supply fingerprinting; a contemporary subduction analogue for Archean craton development; together with choosing, in a superdeep diamond, for the very very first terrestrial ringwoodite.

In this second success, we come across an example of why Graham Pearson is specially worthy of the Bowen Award. He led the time and effort to effectively gauge the water content of a delicately metastable ukrainian bride solitary grain of ringwoodite so it could avoid breakdown and thereby retain all of its original water while it was encased in the diamond. In one of the most mineral that is important ever made, Pearson and colleagues had the ability to show directly that the ringwoodite had roughly 1.5 wt percent water. For the time that is first right right here ended up being verification that the mantle change area could be damp.

In consideration of this amount and selection of their efforts, we deservedly honor Graham Pearson when it comes to wide interdisciplinary impact of their work with knowing the mantle at all depths. Steven B. Shirey, Carnegie Organization for Science, Washington, D.C.


Many thanks, Steve, for the extremely good and flattering terms. Many Many Thanks and to those that nominated me personally because of this prize. I will be rather humbled by the faith in me personally. I’ve simply a couple of things in keeping with Bowen: my citizenship that is canadian and spent during the Carnegie organization of Washington. We strongly suggest both.

My profession was endowed with a number of lucky occasions and fruitful collaborations having a list that is long of individuals too many to say but too essential to disregard. On entering college, i desired to become a mining geologist one thing we nevertheless pretend become when diamond that is visiting but inspiring undergraduate training by Bob Thompson at Imperial university diverted my path. Having two amazing Ph.D. supervisors in Pete Nixon and Gareth Davies had been type in pressing me personally to my method through life. Pete’s fascination that is infectious the mantle along with his individual integrity are one thing to aspire to.

Postdoc mentors associated with stature, quality, and generosity of Steve Shirey, Rick Carlson, Joe Boyd, and Chris Hawkesworth provided me with no reason to fail. An absolute pleasure after 15 happy years at Durham, I was lured to Canada, where I am blessed with truly supportive colleagues who make working at the University of Alberta.

But i wish to end by emphasizing a combined team of people that frequently don’t get the credit they deserve. Without having the commitment, enthusiasm, and help regarding the lineup of lab supervisors and tech support team we have already been lucky to do business with through my profession, i’d have produced hardly any. Therefore I’d choose to acknowledge Geoff Nowell, Chris Ottley, Sarah Woodland, Yan Lou, and Chiranjeeb Sarkar, whom, along side every one of my pupils and postdocs, and my wife that is heroic, rightfully acquire some element of this award.

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