Obama is Pro-Israel; Netanyahu and Boehner are Warmongering Traitors

Every good Republican knows that Pres. Obama is anti-Israel, right? WRONG. In fact, it is Pres. Obama who is looking out for Israel’s long-term best interest, while Prime Minister Netanyahu and Republican House Speaker John Boehner are playing political games that threaten to destabilize the Middle East and jump-start World War III.

By circumventing Pres. Obama and breaching protocol by inviting a foreign leader to give a speech to Congress, Speaker Boehner undermined his Commander in Chief and committed an act of political treason against the United States. By accepting his invitation and injecting himself into America’s foreign policy — while warmongering and exaggerating Iran’s nuclear threat — Netanyahu put his political ambitions before the long-term security of Israel.

Of course, Netanyahu’s speech had nothing to do with proposing actual solutions to the perceived threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions — it had everything to do with disrespecting Pres. Obama, obstructing him at every turn, sabotaging his foreign policy, and warmongering the American people into supporting a preemptive strike against Iran. That’s right: John Boehner is willing to risk another “Iraq War” debacle simply so that military contractors can make billions in taxpayer profits, and Netanyahu is willing to destabilize the entire Middle East in order to win reelection and continue his extremist ambitions.

Netanyahu wants to wage a dangerous war against Iran — but he wants America to fight it on Israel’s behalf. Can you imagine if a Democratic Speaker had invited a foreign leader over to dictate American foreign policy in the lead up to the Iraq War? Republicans would have thrown a monumental hissy fit.

Let’s recall that Bibi is the very same man that urged America to go into war with Iraq. Back in 2002, he penned an Op-Ed piece predicting, unequivocally, that if we took out Saddam Hussein, Iran would fall with him. But was he correct? No. Iran ended up taking over much of Iraq, including Baghdad, and we were left with mess that exists today. In fact, the invasion of Iraq led to the creation of ISIS.

Today, history is repeating itself as Netanyahu,once again, has no viable plan except to send American soldiers into another un-winnable war. Who is he kidding? He has been saying that Iran is “a year away” from a nuclear bomb since 1996.

By inviting him to speak, not only did Speaker Boehner ignore this history, he also committed an act of treason in violation of the Logan Act. The President is the leader of these United States, not the Speaker of the House. The Constitution clearly states that it is the President, the Executive Branch, that gets to negotiate treaties and set the nation’s foreign policy.

President Obama recognizes that Israel is our greatest ally in the region, but he also knows that Netanyahu is a Tea Party-like extremist hell-bent on putting his own electorate prospects and warhawkish ambitions before Israel’s future and security. Pres. Obama is the leader of the free world, and sees the bigger picture — which includes a two-state solution — an infinitely better alternative than another reckless war.

While some Republicans claim the speech embarrassed Obama, the truth is that this speech may have cost Netanyahu his re-election — and it definitely exposed Boehner as a treasonous Obama-deranged warmonger.

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