Watch: Bob Schieffer Destroys Tom Cotton With One Question

With this one question, CBS anchor Bob Schieffer leveled Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and his treasonous letter to Iran, leaving the freshman senator no choice but to smile nervously and change the subject desperately.

“The fact that President Obama doesn’t see this letter as way to get more leverage at the negotiating table just underscores that he is not negotiating for the hardest deal possible,” Cotton said.

Then, Schieffer set his sights on the freshman senator and unloaded a piercing question:

“Are you planning to contact any other of our adversaries?” Schieffer asked. “Do you plan to check with the North Koreans to make sure they know any deal has to be approved by the Congress?”

Cotton smiled nervously and changed the subject in desperation: “Right now I and most every other senator is focused on stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.”

Nice try, Cotton.

Kudos to Schieffer for exposing Cotton’s letter as the dangerous, reckless political sabotage that it is. If Republicans are now pen pals with Iran, what is next? North Korea? Unfortunately, it seems increasingly less far-fetched.

Watch the video below:

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