Watch: FOX Lawyer Admits Cops Have Always Planted Weapons On Victims

It’s not often that the truth is told on FOX News, but in this surprising clip, FOX analyst Arthur Aidala admits that planting weapons on police shooting victims was “standard operating procedure” in the 80s and 90s. The FOX and Friends panel reviews the grisly video of a South Carolina police officer shooting an unarmed African-American, Walter Scott, in the back and planting a Taser on him. Formerly of the New York District Attorney’s office, Mr. Aidala admits that the criminal and gravely unjust practice used to be widespread: “Police officers…I hate to say this — would keep a second gun that nobody knew about on their ankle, so if they ever killed someone they shouldn’t have they would take that gun out…”

The panel then goes on to cobble together a weak defense for the officer, Michael Slager, for “making split second decisions which were wrong”. But this is just another incident of what is now a very long list of young African Americans summarily executed by police officers for minor infractions or the slightest hint of defiance. There is absolutely no reason why a routine traffic stop should have ended up with Mr. Slager firing eight bullets into the back of a fleeing man, and then trying to pin the blame on the dead man. There is a clear race problem in our police forces, and this admission by Mr. Aidala proves that it goes back a long time.

Watch it here:

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