Watch: Tea Partier Explains Why He's Voting Hillary, 'Republicans Ain't Done Nothing for Me!'

In this video, a military veteran, lifelong Reagan Republican, and Tea Party patriot reveals how his allegiance has shifted after Obamacare changed his life for the better. “I’m kind of having a tough decision on who to vote for in the upcoming 2016 election, and I can’t decide. I was thinking about which party has helped me out the most…in the last 15, 20 years, and it’s been the Democratic party.” begins the webcam confession by “Jamey”.

“If it weren’t for Obama, and that Obamacare, I’d have to work until I was 65 and get on Medicare, because health insurance is expensive when you’ve got medical problems and stuff, until Obamacare came along…” say Jamey, a member of his local Tea Party charter.

Just another example of the way the Democratic Party makes positive changes in people’s lives while the Republican party “doesn’t do nothing.” While the Republican party pretends to care about the average American, they’re just catering to the 1% and the effects of that are being felt around the country by Americans from all walks of life.

He ends the video with this: “Because you know what? The Republican Party, they ain’t done nothing for me, man. I’m leaning towards voting for Hillary…I don’t trust the Republicans anymore, man.” It’s hard to wonder why.

Watch it here:

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