Viral 'Family Values' Hypocrite Caught Red-Handed Cheating On

In the latest revelation to come from the hack of online spousal-cheating website, viral “family values” evangelist sensation Sam Rader was exposed for his hypocritical infidelity.

Rader became an online sensation after posting a video in which he surprised his wife with a positive pregnancy test after retrieving her urine from the toilet. “I just hope that [the pregnancy announcement] video continues to be a way for God to shine his light to the world through us” said Rader. A few months later, he posted another video announcing their miscarriage, which also went viral.

It appears that the devoted husband and devout father of two is neither. The data reveals that $378 dollars was spent on the website- giving him some 800 “message credits.” He has been so successful at his Christian video blogs (“vlogs”) that he has quit his full-time job as a photographer.

His manager has declined to comment on the situation. It just goes to show just how much of an exploitative facade that radical evangelism really is. This man has made his whole career on his supposed role as a family man, his devotion to his wife, and the sanctity of marriage – but is just as much a fraud as Josh Duggar.



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