Watch: Bill Maher Sets An Immigrant-Hating Trump Supporter Straight

In this hilarious clip, Bill Maher ridicules the mainstream media’s obsession with the Trump phenomenon and slams Trump’s abrasive bravado and divisive minority-baiting speeches. He begins by listing a couple of Trump’s recent talking points before ripping him for his false claims about China- “‘they’ve taken our money and our jobs, its one of the greatest thefts in the world!’ That’s the way Hitler used to talk about the Jews! They didn’t steal anything! Rich people like that f**k sent them there!”

The panel then turns to the fabricated “immigrant crime” crisis. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) joins them to give the obligatory Republican excuses for Trump’s behavior, and he attempts to drum up fear about the epidemic of immigrant crime that is apparently sweeping our nation. Rohrabacher attempts to paint Maher as a class warrior for ignoring the “problem of immigrants” and hiding behind his “guarded gate”. Maher asks the audience if they live behind “guarded gates”- to which they resoundingly cheer in denial. Maher then asks the crowd if they have any problems with immigrants, and again they answer no- shouting and booing down Rohrabacher’s protestations. Maher ends it with a zinger: “I’ve lived in Los Angeles for thirty-two years, and I think the Latinos are the ONLY people who work hard out here!”

Watch it here:

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